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Section 1
Examining Social Life
Disciplines that examine human social
behavior or institutions and the functions of
society in a scientific manner
◦ Anthropology: study of past and present cultures
◦ Psychology: study of behavior and mental processes
◦ Economics: analyzing choices people make to satisfy
their needs and wants
◦ Political Science: examination of the principles,
organization, and operation of government
◦ History: study of people and events of the past
◦ And Sociology (of course)!!!
The social science that studies human society
and social behavior
Focus on social interaction- how people relate
to one another and influence each other’s
◦ Sociologists tend to focus on the group over the
Examination of social phenomena- observable
facts or events that involve in human society
Involves looking at social life in a scientific,
systematic way rather than depending on
common sense
Involves looking beyond commonly held
beliefs/explanations to examine hidden
meanings behind human actions
◦ Behavior is influenced by social factors
◦ Behavior is learned from others
◦ There are different perspectives of social reality
The ability to see the connection between the
larger world and your personal life
“The capacity to range from the most
impersonal and remote topics to the most
intimate features of the human self…”
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