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Ronald Frankenberg
Came for a talk to Oxford in October 2002
worked in Brunel with Allan Turner and Ian Robinson.
Some of his comments during the talk:
Uncle Tom’s cabin in 1852 worked better than anything else against slavery.
Zadie Smith: “White Teeth”, a great book written by a woman who has lived in many
Diaspora literature, exile writers are often great anthropologists
Maric Glasby of Swansea was at Brunel.
There was hostility towards anthropology in many ways:
GIDDINES, see his lecture papers on sociology, he wrote “ Can anthropology
survive?”,”The end of anthropology” by ??
Nuffield college opposed chair of anthropology at Oxford.
Giddins was appointed to the chair of sociology at Cambridge.
Anthropologists are able to do the research that is needed in social sciences.
Some names: Bill Watson, Wendy James, A.Young?
He always makes it a point to mention Walter Benjamin.
things that are going on
always point to the future
Prose can at times be clearer than field work
Giving Information
• Seems to be fixed set of tables
• sociology