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Anthropology Article Review Assignment
 Use research skills to successfully use given resources to find a magazine or
journal article related to your area of interest
 Gain exposure to the literature of anthropology in searching for their article,
which will hopefully help you as you research your paper later
 Demonstrate critical thinking skills through analyzing an article’s good and bad
points (as an article) and articulating how the article relates to your area of
1. Student selects a journal article of at least 500 words in length as the focus of
the assignment. Note that Internet sites, books, and the textbook are NOT
appropriate sources for this article.
2. Article is relevant to the student’s area of interest in anthropology, as
demonstrated by clear statements in the student’s introduction to and analysis of
the article.
a. For example, a student in Social/Cultural Anthropology should not select
an article about the genetics of Mad Cow Disease.
3. Student writes a 2-3 page paper (typed, double-spaced) about the article.
4. Paper includes a short (1-2 paragraphs) summary of major points in the article.
5. 1-2 paragraphs analyzing the article’s content, focusing on its relevance to
student’s area of interest
6. 1-2 paragraphs critiquing the readability, positives, and negatives of the article
7. A hard copy of the article (if taken from a database) accompanies the finished
paper, paper-clipped to the back of the paper.
Adapted from California State University