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What is Social
Comparative study of society and
Participant observation
Small scale groups
“From the native’s point of view”
Gives centrality to non-Western
Contextualises Western ways of
Five overlapping areas of study:
How people…
… obtain a livelihood under different conditions (economics)
… allocate power and resist its exercise (politics)
… organise the reproduction of biological life (kinship)
… organise relations between men and women (gender)
… set up and challenge systems of belief (religion)
What an anthropology degree has to offer:
•key discipline for 21st century society
•translation and communication: mediation in multi-ethnic
and multi-cultural world
•Learn to see the world from other people’s perspectives
•Embed these perspectives in their social, political and
economic contexts
•Make links between theory and people’s lives
Employers value
anthropology graduates
because of their…
Sensitivity to cross-cultural issues
Ability to communicate in crosscultural contexts
Ability to analyse interpersonal
Ability to understand social and
cultural micro-dynamics
Knowledge of the developing