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Unit Two
Summarize and compare major theories,
perspectives, and research methods in
Identify the significant contributions of
influential anthropologists (Trading Cards)
Outline the key ideas of the major
anthropological schools of thought, and explain
how the can be used to analyze features of
cultural systems
Explain significant issues in different areas of
What are we doing in this
I will know about the key branches in the field
of Anthropology.
What do you know right now? Make a graffiti
wall of what you know about Anthropology
now in your newly formed tribes.
Learning Goal - Begin
with the End in Mind
Anthropology is the study of humans, past and
present. This field is all encompassing and
seeks to understand human culture across all of
human history. A central concern of
anthropologists is the application of knowledge
to the solution of human problems. There are
several different types of anthropology
including cultural, physical, archaeological and
How do you define culture? Use a mind map in
your notes and come up with words you think
of when you hear this term.
Human Beings & Culture
Let’s Explore Culture…
Examine an item belonging to someone in your
class. Make some predictions about the beliefs
and values of his or her culture based on the
Reflect and Respond
What can you infer about the culture
Shown in the following photos?
Why do you think anthropologists are
interested in finding out about the origin and
development of humans?
What do you think?
Of the types of Anthropology……
Which is the most interesting and why? Which
is the most challenging and why? Which is the
most important to humanity and why?
To Sum It Up….