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SAERC (Strait Area Education Recreation Centre)
Sociology 12
Room 255 – Mr. Jackie Rankin
[email protected]
Course Description:
Sociology is the science that studies human society and social behavior. Sociologists
concentrate their attention on social interaction – the ways in which people relate to one another
and influence each other’s behavior. Some contemporary modern issues will be covered in this
course. Students will be asked during this course to apply their critical thinking skills when
discussing the major topics that will be covered in each of the five units. Students will also be
asked to provide their input on what Sociology in the future may look like. Student class
participation will be very important in this course.
Materials Required:
Class binder (containing only Sociology)
Sociology in our Times (Third Canadian Edition)
Units Covered
Unit 1: A Social Science
Unit 4: Living Together as Human
Unit 2: A Shared Human Experience
Unit 5: Deviant and Conformist
Unit 3: The Shaping of Human Behaviour
Assignments ---------- 25%
Monthly Projects ----- 15%
Tests/Quizzes ----------20%
Topics Presentation ----------10%
Final Exam------------30%