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• Important sociologists
• Student Presentations
• Spirituality
• More sociologists
• Research Paper due
next class
• Study guide for
Test 3 next week posted
“We make a living by what we get, but we make
a life by what we give.” Winston Churchill
What are some traits of these people?
Michelle Obama
Robin Williams
Rev. Jesse Jackson
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
Dr. Ruth Westheimer
(the “sex doctor”)
• Regis Philbin (tv show host)
• Joe Theismann (former football player)
They all majored in
How did sociology start?
Mid 1800’s
Social observers began using scientific methods
1. Social upheaval
2. Success of the revolutions in America and
France made people rethink social life
Why do we learn about important people in sociology?
•Helps you understand what sociology is all about
How will we learn about them?
•Not memorization of names and dates
•Focus on 3 important contributions of each person
•Focus on how their theory is (or is not) relevant today
Extra Credit Presentations
1. Be a respectful audience
2. Provide eye contact
3. No talking or other distractions
4. Support your classmates
Auguste Comte
• Coined the term “sociology”
• Positivism: applying the scientific
approach to the social world
• Discover social facts AND
• apply info to social reform
• (make the world better)
(1798 –1857, France)
Herbert Spencer
• Sociology should NOT
include social reform
• “Organism” theorysociety is constantly
evolving like an organism
• “Survival of the Fittest”
• Objective
1820-1903, England
Emile Durkheim
• Study of suicide
• Elementary Forms of
Religious Life
• Sociologists should look for
causes of social problems
and develop solutions
• Use statistics
1858-1917, France
Karl Marx
• Economist, Social Change
• Class Conflict
• Described Capitalism as a 2
class system of “haves” vs
“have nots”
(1% vs 99%)
1818-1883, Prussia, Germany
Capitalism A Love Story
I Am
Which sociologist does he remind out of? Why?
26:30-31:30, 0:45-4:22, 6:20-9:50, 10:50-15:37, 20:30-26:00
Max Weber
• Bureaucracy
• The Protestant Ethic and
Spirit of Capitalism
• Personal values or biases
should not influence social
1864-1920, Germany
Harriet Martineau 1802-1876, England
• First recognized female
• Simplified Comte’s work from
French to English
• How to Observe Morals and
Manners. – Research Methods
Jane Addams
• Founded the Hull House:
social services agency in
• 1st American woman to earn
the Nobel Peace Prize
• Said crime in urban areas was
not a result of the people, but
of economic desperation
1860-1935, United States
W.E.B. Du Bois
• First African American to
receive a doctorate from
• Part of creation of NAACP
(National Association for the
Advancement of Colored People)
• Concerned with racial equality
and criminology
1868-1963, United States
George Herbert Mead 1863-1931, United States
• Children understand social world
through play
Charles Horton Cooley
• Looking Glass Self
1864-1929, United States
Robert K. Merton 1910-2003, United States
Prejudice and Discrimination
Theory on deviance
Functions and dysfunctions
(manifest and latent) –unintended
Research Paper Due Next Class
Study guide for Test 3 posted
The Story of Stuff