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Sociology 110
Introduction to Sociology
Professor Katherine Stovel
11:30-12:20 MWF
Miller 301
1. Course Overview
2. Introductions
1. Course
2. People
3. First Question
“[Humans are] social being[s] obliged
by nature to live with others as
a member of society.”
Gerhard Lenski. Power and Privilege,
p. 25 (1966)
Developing your sociological
Key Course Question: How does the
organization of society influence
individual behavior?
Secondary Course Question: How do
sociologists try to understand how
society influences individual behavior?
Introduction: The Course
A Metaphor: Pieces of a jigsaw
Like an individual, a puzzle piece has characteristics,
or a biography
But what the piece means may be
affected by what the piece is
surrounded by
Social Context
Social Structure
Sociology is:
A discipline that studies the interplay
between the individual and the social
How we’ll proceed:
By Considering Some Interesting
Identify and discuss our initial thoughts
Consider some relevant sociological
Evaluate some empirical information
Develop revised answers
“Everyone is entitled to his own
opinion, but not his own facts.”
Daniel Patrick Moynihan
Sociologist, US Senator
Quick Overview of Course
3 2 page Memos
1 Midterm (Feb 15)
Final Exam (March 19)
SocLexicon Contributions
Informal Writing/Section 10%
Introduction: The Course
Course Webpage
It’s spare now, but it will get fleshed out soon….
Introduction: The Course
Class policies
Cell-phone free zone
 For now, no laptops
 Course Materials available on the web
 Late work will be penalized .3/day
 All graded written work should be typed,
and double-spaced
 Come to class prepared to discuss and
ask questions!
Introduction: The Course
Who We Are
Katherine Stovel
Teaching Assistant:
Amy Furhman
Emily Knaphus
Introduction: People (us)
Student Information Survey
Year in School/at the UW:
Your Hometown:
State in which you were born:
Major or possible major:
List any other Sociology classes you have taken
Something interesting about yourself:
General Information Survey
What is the population of the United States?
What is the population of the World?
Where will the 2008 Summer Olympics be held?
What is the median household income in the United States?
What is the approximate value of the Dow Jones Industrial Average?
How many ipods have been sold?
Who won the Iowa presidential caucuses?
How many members of the US armed forces have died in Iraq since
the beginning of the current war there?
How many murders were committed in Seattle in 2006?
Introduction: People (you)
First Question: Why go to
Why are you here at the UW? How did
you get to college?
To Do:
To Do
Key Concepts
• Getting Started
• Twilight of the books
• School Enrollment
• Sociological Imagination
• Empirical Evidence