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Marketing’s Role Today
and Tomorrow
The Changing Role of
• Production Emphasis: 1900-1920
– Emphasis was on producing and
distributing new products
– Production processes were simple and
only a few product choices were
– Consumers had limited money with
which to purchase products
– Businesses believed that if they could
produce the products, they would be
able to sell them
The Changing Role of
• Sales Emphasis: 1930-1950 (plus)
– Production became more efficient
resulting in a large numbers of
products at lower costs (assembly lines
and transportation systems used)
– American standard of living improving
– Companies begin to rely on salespeople
to represent their products and
convince potential customers their
product was better than the
The Changing Role of
• Marketing Department Emphasis:
– Expanded economy following WWII,
wage level increased, amount of work
hours decreased
– Begin to use advertising to inform the
consumer of products, reasons to buy
the products, and where the products
were located
– Catalogs, credit, use of airlines for
The Changing Role of
• Marketing Concept Emphasis:
modern companies only with big
picture view (1970’s)
– Marketing departments did not always
mean more profits (in fact marketing
can be expensive!) and sometimes
unethical activities
– Changing paradigm from what the
business produces to what the
customer wants
Marketing Concept Era
• Marketing more than the just the
work of one department
• Requires the interaction of all the
departments within a business with
marketing personnel working
closely with others throughout the
• Proven an effective method that is
used by the majority of successful
businesses and organizations
The Changing Definition of
• Marketing seen as only a tool to be used
if sales were low or lagging, but not
needed in times of good sales
• Today’s Marketing:
– Provides information about customers & their
– Help businesses plan more effectively
– Better serves customers through distribution,
pricing, credit, customer services
– Increase customer satisfaction
– Help businesses become more profitable by
coordinating activities and controlling costs
The Changing Definition of
The Progress of
Marketing as a Variety of Activities
Marketing as Promotion
Marketing as Selling
Marketing as Distribution
Marketing in Other
• Libraries, Governments, Churches,
Community Organizations, and the
Military use marketing
Importance of Marketing
• Marketing Managers:
– Work with people inside and outside
the organization
– Responsible for a large part of a
company’s budget
– Study people, competition, and market
Ultimately, marketing is important to
every business for what reason?
Marketing is important because
marketers make decisions that
dramatically affect businesses’
long-term profitability