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Lecture Guide: Effects of WWII
Economic Prosperity
WWII officially _____________ the Great Depression.
Money ____________ from full employment during the war led to a decade of
Social Changes
Expansion of ___________________________ (G.I. Bill of Rights)
Continuing growth in ___________ & _____________________
Emergence of a more active __________________________________
Era of Rebuilding
Much of Europe and Japan had been _____________________
U.S. provided ______ to countries to help _______________
U.S. ______________ in many countries to maintain _________________.
Arms Race
American use of the ___________________ began an era of military & technological
Foreign Policy Changes
U.S. ___________________________________ policy of ________________.
U.S. establishes _________________________________.
____ & _______ emerge as most _______________ countries
Leads to a _____________________ to become the ___________________________.....