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U.S. History
Final Exam Review Game
2nd Semester Chapters 10-20
Students will be put into groups of no more than 5
Each group will create a team name
Each group will be given a white board with a dry erase
Each group will be able to use their exam review the first
two days
Each group will be given one minute per question to
come up with an answer and write it on the white board
Groups who answer the question correctly will get a point
The winning group will get to exempt themselves from an
assignment of their choosing. The assignment cannot be a
What was the purpose of the
Nuremburg Laws?
Which act made it illegal for
Americans to sell arms to any
country at war?
Britain and France gave into
Hitler’s demands for the
Sudetenland at which
During WWII, women were
recruited into the military.
5. Why was Iwo Jima an
important objective for the
American military?
6. Name three ways that the
US government mobilized
for the WWII war effort.
7. Why was Island Hopping
8. What was rationing?
9. During WWII, the
automobile factories started
making items for the war
effort. What were they?
10. Victory over Hitler’s racism
abroad and victory over
racism at home was called
11. What was the goal of
Korematsu v. the United States?
12. What was the importance of
the Potsdam Conference?
13. The United Nations
“fought” against which side
of the Korean War?
14. Who created a media frenzy
when he said that he had a list
of Communists employed by
the US State Department?
15. Which country was divided
into four parts at the Yalta
16. What was the goal of the
Truman Doctrine?
17. What was the goal of the
Marshall Plan?
18. What was the result of the
Korean War?
19. Federal employees in the
United States were faced with
strict screening and termination
of their job if they were
suspected of being disloyal.
What period of American
History does this describe?
20. How did the GI Bill help
soldiers returning home from
21. Kennedy’s idea to buildup of
conventional weapons was
22. The Office of Economic
Opportunity was a major part
of which of Johnson’s goals?
23. This organization was founded
by students during the civil
rights movement.
24. Nonviolent passive
resistance was the belief held
by which civil rights leader?
25. What was the goal of the
Southern Christian Leadership
26. The SNCC’s Voter Education
Project focused on
27. The Freedom Riders were
organized to draw attention
to the South’s refusal to
28. Which act did little to
guarantee the rights of
African Americans to vote?
29. Which resolution gave war
powers to the president?
30. What was the goal of Agent
31. .It was after this that journalists
began to openly criticize the
Vietnam War.
32. What was Operation Rolling
33. What was the credibility gap?
34. This relaxed the tension
between the United States, the
Soviet Union and China.
35. This document revealed that
the United States government
was not being honest with the
public about the war in
36. The incident at Three Mile
Island left many people in great
doubt about the…
37. Title IX prevented this
38. What was the Indian
Civil Rights Act?
39. Conservatives generally
40. Reagan’s Strategic Defense
Initiative called for…