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World War II Project
Dear Fifth/Sixth Class Pupil,
You will complete an individual project on WWII in
order to:
learn about WWII by researching various topics
write information in your own words
show an awareness of good presentation skills
present two topics of your choice to the class
This project will be completed in class and for homework. Projects will be presented in
a scrapbook. Illustrations, photos, newspaper cut-outs, timelines or other imaginative
ways of displaying information are encouraged.
Gathering information:
Information must be in your own words (not taken directly from the internet or a
book). This is to make sure that you understand the information and have learned from
writing it out.
This project is intended to help you learn about WWII in a fun and enjoyable way. It is
important to keep the project accurate and concise. Each topic should have a clear title
and the use of paragraphs is necessary. To help with editing, it is a good idea to get
someone to read through it before handing it up.
You will read each other’s projects and share what you enjoyed or learned from them.
This project will be marked and it is essential that it is your own work.
Kind regards,
Linda McMahon
Useful websites about World War II
Please ensure there is adult supervision when researching online.
Project Checklist
√ or X
Table of Contents
Background to the War
The Jewish People
The Blitz
Pearl Harbour
Russia and World War II
The End of the War
8. Topic 1 of your own choice
9. Topic 2 of your own choice