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WWII Critical Thinking Questions/Analysis 1. Describe three significant events in the rise of Adolf Hitler in Germany, Mussolini in Italy, and the militarists in Japan. 2. Describe 5 different examples of the United States attempting to remain neutral during the run up to and early years of WWII. 3. How did ‘cash and carry’ represent the special relationship with Great Britain? 4. Why was the German war machine so effective early in the war (Think of lightning)? 5. FDR said that the United States needed to be the Arsenal of Democracy. How was the Four Freedoms, Lend-­‐Lease Act, Atlantic Charter, and shoot on sight tied to this claim? 6. Describe the deteriorating relationship the United States had with Japan and how this led to the bombing of Pearl Harbor. 7. Describe the outcomes of the wartime conferences at Casablanca, Tehran, Yalta, and Potsdam. 8. What was the role of the War Production Board during WWII? 9. Why do you think Truman resorted to the use of nuclear weapons in the Pacific Theater? 10. Describe three different major changes at home during WWII. 11. How did the war impact urban migration and demographic changes? 12. Analyze the various roles that women played during the war. How did these roles reinforce and challenge gender roles? 13. How di the war feature both successes and limitation in the realm of civil rights? 14. How did the power of the federal government increase during and after the war? Provide three examples. 15. Identify the social, political, and economic impact of WWII on the United States during the war AND after the war’s conclusion. (6 Total Points)