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Marketing specialist
Summary Of Occupation
Marketing specialists promote their clients’ products and services. They respond to marketing
opportunities by developing, coordinating and implementing plans for promoting and pricing
their clients’ goods and services. Their work includes researching the market, drafting
marketing audit reports, analysing consumer behaviors for specific markets, building client
relationships, and forecasting the needs of the market and the client.
Knowledge Skills and Attributes
A marketing officer needs:
the ability to analyse and interpret information
to be creative
good organisational and communication skills
the ability to work independently and as part of a team.
Working Conditions
Marketing specialists generally work in an office environment, however they may be expected
to visit clients and potential customers. These workers may need to work evenings and on
weekends to meet deadlines, and need to work with other specialists involved in the
development and production of products and services.
Effective: 22 November 2010
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Occupation Profile - Marketing specialist
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Salary Details
On average, marketing specialists, classified under advertising and marketing professionals,
can expect to earn between $1 250 and $1 499 per week ($65 000 and $77 999 per year),
depending on the organisation they work for, and their level of experience. As a marketing
specialist develops their skills, their earning potential will generally increase.
Tools and Technologies
The tools a marketing specialist may use include computers and software suitable for writing
reports and planning documents, email, contact management systems to keep track of clients'
contact details.
Education and Training Entrance Requirements
To become a marketing specialist you usually need to complete a degree in commerce or
business, with a major in marketing.
Most universities in Western Australia offer relevant courses. Contact the universities you are
interested in for more information.
Effective: 22 November 2010
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Occupation Profile - Marketing specialist
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