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The Premier Gathering
for Senior Marketing Leaders
May 17 – 19 | San Diego, CA
Mastering Marketing: The Intersection of Insight, Execution and Vision
How to Win at Data-Driven Marketing
Data is the fuel for the digital marketing engine and analytics is the GPS. But, what data
do you need? Where do you find it? And how do the best marketers use it to segment,
predict, manage, measure, attribute and decide? This track focuses on driving
marketing success with data and analytics.
3 ways to register
Featured sessions
[email protected]
– How to Win at Programmatic Media
– Look Sharp: Marketing Dashboards and Data Visualization
– Relevance With Privacy: Use Personification to Engage Users Anonymously
– How to Cultivate a Data-Driven Culture
– Divide and Conquer: Mastering Segmentation and Personas in a Digital World
Creating and Executing Winning Marketing Strategies
Marketers need a guide to answer not just “What do I do?” but also “How do I do it?”
This track focuses on high-performance marketing strategies and how to adopt these
best practices in your organization, with an eye toward sourcing, resource alignment,
planning and orchestration, and the ultimate goal of driving measurable results.
Featured sessions
– How to Evolve Your Content Marketing Program From Experimental to Operational
– How to Unite Advertising With Multichannel Marketing
– Achieving Balance: Marketing KPIs Driving Short- and Long-Term Growth
– The Science and Investment Behind ‘Viral’ Campaigns
What’s Next: Preparing for Marketing’s Newest Trends and
Marketing changes fast, often faster than you’re prepared to move. That’s why you
need to be able to see around corners and learn about the forces that are changing
the game, well before they’re widely adopted. This track looks at trends on the horizon
and helps you prepare for marketing innovation.
Featured sessions
– Top Trends in Digital Marketing
– Marketing’s Bleeding Edge: On the Frontiers of Automation and Machine Learning
– Delivering Social Marketing Results in a Volatile Environment
– How the IoT Will Fit Into Your Marketing Strategy
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