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Alexander Linden, Jim Tully
Letter From the Editor
5 September 2003
Semiconductor Industry Seeks the Next Big Thing
Many new products that use semiconductors will emerge in the next 10 years. There are
no clear winners, but each of them will provide fresh opportunities for vendors.
As the semiconductor market emerges from its worst-ever downturn, industry participants are looking to
the future. Which semiconductor applications will emerge over the next several years, and will these have
a major impact on the market?
Gartner analysts have collaborated on a set of viewpoints that look beyond our forecast horizon of five
years. We have identified a number of semiconductor-enabled products that are likely to emerge over the
next 10 years. Each of these products is a concept, or exists only at a very early stage of development.
We discuss the positive and negative factors that could influence their adoption (see “Consumer Products
Hold Most Promise for Chip Makers”).
As always, your comments and feedback are very welcome.
Alexander Linden
Editor in Chief
Emerging Trends and Technologies
[email protected]
Jim Tully
Editor in Chief
[email protected]
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