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The Chairpersons and Vice Chairpersons will oversee and coordinate all the working Committees
Pastors and leaders are to mobilize every Christian in the Body of Christ to bring
their unsaved friends to the Crusade and to get actively involved in the Crusade in
the following areas:
1. Counseling and Follow-up Committee
The Chairperson for counseling must be a minister who is also an experienced
counselor. They must form an Executive Committee; appoint a secretary and other
officials from various churches to work with.
-The committee is expected to train counselors from all participating churches.
-They must make sure that each church provides as many counselors as possible.
The larger the church, the more counselors will be required.
-The Chairperson of the counseling committee and the crusade director will train
leaders who in turn will return to their zones and train their counselors.
-All training centers need to register all participants.
-The Counseling Chairperson should draw up a counseling programme for the various
-Follow up booklets for the crusade can be collected approx.2 hours before each
day’s crusade starts. Left over booklets must be brought back each day.
-The new convert booklet needs to be covered during the training.
There are two options:
• Distribute the names of new converts evenly, according to the number of
participating churches. E.g. If there are 10 participating churches and 1000
new converts, then each church gets 100 new converts. This can prove unfair
and unrealistic if for example, two churches are doing 95% of the work, or
shouldering the budget. It is fair that they reap more as they have sown
• Each church is responsible for providing its own team of counselors / altar
workers. This means the more counselors from the church, the greater
amount of people counseled. Every person counseled receives an invitation to
that specific church and follow-up from that church. NOTE: If a person is
brought to the crusade by a Christian friend, responds to the altar call, is
counseled, fills out a follow up form and it is discovered that they where
brought to the crusade by a Christian from another bible believing church,
contact them after the crusade, yet it works out best for their existing
friend to fill the already role of follow up and discipleship. You may contact
their friend to fulfill this role in their lives. You may of course befriend
them and invite them to one of your church services for fellowship purposes.
After the crusade, it is vitally important to contact each new convert. Contact
those who filled out the forms and visit them in their homes. This is only
possible if the churches participate. This process will radically influence the
growth of your church.
It is common practice in some crusades for most of the members of the church to
be involved as a crusade counselor. Note: They are not required to be professional
counselors; they are merely ensuring that the new convert receives helpful
literature and they make a record of their details. They do not need to be a
mature Christian; they may be a new Christian. They have to attend specific
courses for the crusade and attend a general meeting, where they receive
instruction. They will receive a Save the World Foundation Counseling Training
Manual or other materials provided the Crusade Director approve them.
This is what they will do at the Mass Crusade:
1. Help the new convert to fill out the follow-up form in triplicate
a. Counselor keeps a copy and phones new convert
b. The counselor’s church receives a copy – the church calls the new
c. Evangelism organizer: contacts new converts.
The follow up form should contain the following information
• Name
• Surname
• Physical Address
• Postal Address
• Telephone numbers-home,work,cell
• E-mail address-home & work
• Gender-male/female
• Age
• Church background
• Counselors name church & telephone numbers
• Did you come with a Christian friend?
What church do they belong to?
What is there name?
What is their telephone number?
2. Give the new convert a follow-up booklet and write their contact details in it,
the name of their church, pastor, telephone number, physical address and
time of services. You may even have your own stickers put in the follow-up
booklet for each new convert.
Other helpful hints
• If new converts are a great distance from your church, refer their form
to a church that you know in their area or give the form to the
Counseling Committee to correctly distribute the form.
• New converts should be contacted within 2 days after the crusade for
follow-up and discipleship to begin. In the event of a crusade going on for
longer than a week, then they should be contacted within 2 days after
the first week.
• When the new convert lives outside of the crusade area, in another city,
region or nation, their form must be sent to a likeminded church in their
city with a cover letter to that pastor sharing that they made a
commitment for the Lord during that crusade. The Church in that area,
as well as the new convert must be informed of each others details.
2. Ushering Committee:
The Chairperson of ushering must be a minister and preferably an ex-police,
traffic or military experience. They shall form an Executive Committee;
appoint a secretary and other officials from various other churches to work
• Help during crusade with seating arrangements. If there is standing room
only, they will need to be able to control the crowd.
• Arrange the car parks so that there is order.
• Ushers should help to clear the road for easy access of the speaker, his
team and Executive Committee members.
• Help take up the offering – passing basket around
• Helps watch who puts up their hands during the altar call and encourages
them to go forward for an altar call or help to usher to a counselor.
• Helps answer any relevant questions.
• All ushers from participating churches may meet at crusade venue one
week or one day before event and be informed.
The responsibility of Ushers:
may be men, woman and teenagers.
must have a Christian witness in the community
3. Helps Committee:
The Chairperson of helps must be a person who is very resourceful and
helpful. They shall have an Executive Committee, secretary and helpers
They shall help with any aspect of the crusade when called upon, by the
Crusade Chairman, Crusade Director or any other committee. E.g.
erecting posters, handing out pamphlets, door-to-door invitations, road
show, clean up, equipment set up, etc.
Mobilize volunteers from the participating churches
Draw up a list of people to call on
4. Evangelism Committee:
The Chairperson of the evangelism Committee needs to be a Senior
Evangelist in the city. They shall form an Executive Committee, made up
of the evangelists in the city and appoint a secretary.
Mobilize all full-time and part-time / lay evangelists to do pre-evangelism
as a build-up to the crusade. These evangelists must be nominated by a
church or in the case of having their own evangelism ministry, must be
endorsed by the Evangelism Committee. They then need to be approved
by the Evangelist (Jarrod Davidoff) or Save the World Foundation. If
they are not known by the Evangelist, yet are endorsed by the
Evangelism Committee, then they may participate in the Evangelism
Ensure that all evangelists preach a pure salvation message and give a
clear and effective altar call, focused on Jesus-His life, death, burial and
Target and map all schools, prisons, old-age homes, orphanages, old age
home, door-to-door, and every conceivable form of evangelism.
Mini-crusades held throughout the city as a 1-2 month build-up – local
evangelists preach.
The evangelists in the community will be greatly inspired for future
5. Fundraising Committee:
The Chairperson for fundraising needs to be a respected, influential,
Christian businessperson with the ability to help raise the finances for the
Crusade. They shall form an Executive Committee of various Christian
businesspeople from around the city or nation. The members of this
committee need to representative of various churches. They should also
have a secretary.
• Their primary gifting, calling and function will be to help raise the
necessary finances to conduct a crusade of this magnitude.
• Committee must compromise of leading business leaders from various
• They will use their personal business contacts for personal and company
financial contributions.
• Committee members draw up a list of potential contributors and make
personal presentations of the vision of the crusade, strategy and
• They will be responsible for the collection of finances pledged or agreed
upon, from participating churches, businesspeople and individuals.
• The Finance Committee oversees all the expenses of the crusade and
accounting thereof.
• The local churches need to take up offerings within their local churches
to help meet the budget of the crusade. Churches are also encouraged to
put aside a portion of their mission’s budget each month towards the
crusade. Churches should contribute financially according to the size of
the congregation. The The finances that are necessary to conduct some
crusades that are held in more disadvantaged regions ,nations and
continents, such as Africa ,should be supported by “First World’’
churches and be seeing as a sowing/outreach event.
• The budgetary expenses for the crusade should be contributed by each
Committee and then be presented at an Executive Board Meeting, to be
discussed and finalized. A Crusade Accountant needs to be appointed, to
manage the finances (payment and dispersement).
• The finances that each church raises needs to be deposited into the
Crusade Account, with their churches name down as a depositor. The
deposit slip must then be sent (fax or email) to the Crusade office and
Fundraising Chairman. The contributions of each church must be
published to be reviewed at the next Committee Meeting.
• Just Before and after the crusade the contributions of each church can
be published and sent to each participating church and Committee
A full audit may be done, accounting for all the expenses.
The Crusade Director And invited evangelist may assist to where the
finances are best delegated,i.e. media,promotion,follow up literature,etc
If the visiting Evangelism Ministry finances most of the crusade then
they have a larger control factor to where the finances are best utilized.
There needs to be a supportive working relationship in this Committee
with everyone going their share.
6. Intercessory Committee:
The Intercessory Committee Chairperson must be a Pastor or Evangelist who
is already actively involved in citywide or nationwide intercession. The
Executive Committee must be made up of members who are all active
intercessors from various churches. They shall appoint a secretary.
Organize prayer groups throughout the city and make prayer needs
known. Pray for - unity among churches, salvation of the multitudes,
financial needs.
Draw up a general programme so that Christians can participate
Choose appropriate church venues across the city and meet at least once
a week for intercessorymeetings.In the evening is best for most. Should
last about 1 hour.
Each intercessor to give details to leaders, who will email or contact
them with items of prayer and report backs.
Every church should give time in their regular Sunday services to pray
for the upcoming crusade. This should last 5 to 10 min.
Month end prayer night may be conducted at a venue in the city. All
prayer groups participating in the crusade must attend.
On the last Saturday before the crusade, Christians from all over the
city must meet at the crusade venue for a time of intercession and to
dedicate the crusade ground.
A special intercessory team must pray about 3 hours before the crusade
starts until the close of the meeting. The Committee must organize this
.An area will be given for this.
7. Music Committee:
The Chairperson of the Music Committee must be a senior worship leader or
music organizer. They must form an Executive Committee from other
worship leaders from the community. They should appoint a Secretary. The
must work in association with the Save the World Foundation Music
Organize sound, staging, musical instruments and lighting.
Organize music and dance groups. The style of music must be relevant to
the community that you are trying to attract to your crusade.
Organize a mass choir integrated from local church, including local
singers and musicians. To do this you need to first bring together choir
leaders from the local churches
You also need a powerful praise and worship team that can bring people
into the presence of the Lord.
8. Security Committee:
The Chairperson of the Security Committee should be a senior person from police,
army, traffic, security firm or of the government Intelligence Service. They must
form an Executive Committee; appoint a Secretary and other officials from the
various churches.
When hosting a guest / organization, it is important that their safety be
considered at all times, especially when your ministry / organization is responsible
for them.
• The nature and person of your guest will determine the volume of
security required.
• To provide 24-hour protection for the equipment on the crusade ground
from the day that it arrives until the day that it leaves the crusade
• Can draw volunteers from participating churches. Men and women are
• All security reports must be reported to the Chairperson of the Security
Committee who may then give a report to the police.
VIP Guests: At least one security person should be with them at
all times. When traveling, he / she may sit in the front seat of the
car with the driver. If the guest elects to travel with someone
else, the security may follow in another car. When sleeping, the
security may either sit outside the VIP’s room to ensure that they
are not bothered, or take an adjoining room. When there is a
knock on the door, the guard can monitor the situation. In a
hostile, anti-Christian community, security may require
heightening. You may have shifts watching your VIP’s. Make sure
that they are professionals.
At the crusade: They can have a luminous jacket with “security”
written on to show their presence.
ƒ Car watch – security must patrol to see that visitors’ cars
are safe.
ƒ Roaming guards – To bring an awareness of security to the
guests / public and would-be thieves on the prowl.
ƒ Positioned guards:
• Positioned at the entrances of the crusade ground.
• Positioned around the main stage area and
hospitality area.
Positioned at steps of the stage to prevent anyone
from running up.
• Positioned around crusade. E.g. eating area, sales
area, sound box, media personnel, camera operators,
Government Security
• In and around the crusade ground for added
• This includes police, army and undercover
• Ambulances and medics on grounds to help deal with
minor injuries, heart attacks, etc.
• Fire Brigade on standby.
9. Transportation Committee:
The Chairperson of the Transportation Committee must have been involved in
transport work and have a good working relationship with transportation owners and
unions. An Executive Committee must be appointed, a Secretary and helpers from
other churches.
• Organize and arrange traveling requirements. E.g. flight schedules
• Have drivers on 24-hour standby.
• Entourage must be ready at the airport to transport the team to their
• Always ready outside hotel or crusade ground for immediate
• The vehicles must be comfortable, presentable and spacious
• Acquaint the drivers of the entourage with regard to the destination and
schedules in the event that separation occurs during the journey.
• Put on lights and emergency lights (flashing) when traveling in groups. It
shows unity, presence and informs other vehicles not to push in. This also
helps the lead driver in front to account for the participating cars.
• Have standby cars available if for any reason some cars give mechanical
• Make sure all cars are well-serviced, suitable tires, always full of petrol –
especially for long distances – and well presented, washed and polished.
• Appoint drivers to members of the visiting team.
• The Committee shall be responsible for contacting all bus, taxi, train and
other transportation vehicles, to be operational to transport people to
the crusade and back home. All participants will pay their own fares. The
Committee must try to organize discounted fares for the crusade.
• Contact the road safety traffic department to work within the vicinity
of the crusade venue to prevent accidents, avoid human, and transport
• Let the Committee organize the transport of people from places such as
orphanages, old age homes, hospitals and the like. Special seating may be
organized at the crusade. Organize with Ushering Chairman. Churches
and companies may sponsor this.
Hospitality Committee
The Hospitality Committee Chairperson shall be an outstanding church leader. They
shall form an Executive Committee; appoint a Secretary and various other officials
from various other churches.
Organize a welcoming / sending off committee
• When your guest(s) arrives from the airport, make sure that there is a
significant group to meet them – 10, 50, up to 500 or more – depending on
the magnitude of the occasion. This shows your guests that you highly
appreciate them and shows the public that something significant is about
to happen and they are all invited.
• Get the press to be at the airport to cover the arrival.
• May have press to ask a few questions right there.
• May even have a band of singers singing.
• Have welcome banners.
Hotel Accommodation:
• Book the Team into a comfortable hotel.
• Try to be no more than 30 minutes from the crusade venue.
• Senior Evangelist and possibly his right-hand person to have their own
• May pair off the rest of the team, two per room, with two single beds,
unless they are married.
• Put fruit and snacks and fruit / mineral water drinks in their rooms, in
case the team gets hungry or does not feel like having a big meal.
• Must be in a safe area.
Hospitality area at crusade:
• Set up a lounge at the stadium or a tent / caravan in an open-field
• Have seats to sit, drinks and light snacks for guests.
Crusade Banquet:
Organizing Committee is to plan this banquet.
To be held a few days before the start of the crusade.
Include Senior Pastor and spouse (other church pastors if budget
allows); Community evangelist and spouse; Business leaders, sponsors and
spouses; media representatives and spouse.
• Follow a similar format to the breakfast.
Have in a neutral venue e.g. a hotel.
Schedule praise and worship, speeches – have the evangelist share (20
minutes), pray (5 minutes), chair-people share, take up offering towards
the crusade.
Organize Vendors at the Crusade Venue
Church members can apply through this committee to have food, drink,
product and sales stales. This can financially empower Christians in the
community or churches can initiate these.
Media Committee:
The Chairperson of the Media Committee must be a reputable Christian. Either
they must be a publisher, editor, journalist, marketing/public relations/advertising
or media related expert. They must appoint an Executive Committee and team of
dynamic promoters. They must appoint a Secretary.
• Their function is to mobilize all Christians involved in the media in any
way, shape and form, to formulate a media campaign, using television,
radio, newspapers, magazines,internet,etc
• They must also formulate a promotions campaign using posters,
pamphlets, etc.
• Include: Radio Station and publications owners and executives,
journalists, reporters, etc.
• They need to start the media campaign at least two months prior to the
crusade as to inform the public to attend.
• They must ensure that the crusade gets daily coverage in the media
• Ensure that the Media have special seating, with refreshments. Most will
roam the venue yet it helps to have this area.
Media Campaign
A. Prepare and Send out Press-Release Packages
The committee determines which press channels to target and sends these to the
relevant individuals e.g. editors, journalists, reporters, executives, publishers,
owners, etc.
1 x Portrait picture of the evangelist
1 x Crowd picture
1 x Crowd picture including the evangelist
1-Page information sheet on the evangelist. I.e. history, etc.
1-Page information sheet on dates, times, venue and scale of participation, contact
details, chairperson of media.
Date of press conference – give them ample advance warning – one month – then
send them one or two reminders.
1 x Brochure of evangelist’s ministry
1 x Promotional video of ministry
This press release will give every relevant and targeted media group the awareness
of the crusade. It is still up to them whether they want to promote it (free) or
publicize it.
B. Decide on Media Channels
(1). Newspaper ads (see Promotion chapter)
(2). Magazine ads (see Promotion chapter)
(3). Radio sports and interviews (see Promotion chapter)
(4). Television ads and interviews (see Promotion chapter)
(5)Mass email and use text messages to cell phones (see promotions chapter)
Your budget will influence what level of Media you may use to advertise, but
interviews and editorials are generally free.
C. Promoting the crusade (see Promotion chapter)
Pamphlets / Bookmarks
Road show
Personal letter invitations
Telephone calls
Mass text to cell-phones
Mass emails
D. Main Press Conference
The Media Chairman and Committee are to organize this.
The entire “media world” is to be invited. Give them ample notice – one
month beforehand, with one or two reminders.
Usually a few days before the main event occurs.
Interview of Senior Evangelist.
Venue must be neutral e.g., hotel conference hall – not a particular church,
as other churches may be offended.
Provide nametags for reporters as they enter the conference.
Media Chairman controls the meeting.
1. Media Chairman invites all the press, hands over to the Crusade Chairman.
2. Crusade Chairman welcomes the evangelist and team and asks to share
before permitting press to ask questions.
3. Evangelist shares the vision of the crusade for about ten minutes. Be honest
and bold and say that it is to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
4. Media Chairman takes control and gives various media the opportunity to ask
questions. The evangelist then answers.
5. Allow about 10-15 questions. (a total of 20-30 minutes)
6. Media Chairman then thanks all for attending and expresses excitement to
see everyone at the crusade.
E. Select Media Appearances
Schedule the Evangelist to be on popular TV and radio shows (Christian and
secular), those that have a wide listening and viewing audience, which can
greatly influence the volume in the Crusade attendance.
Also, have a few newspaper or magazine interviews.
The Media Chairman must organize this with the consent of the Crusade
Director and Evangelist.
This process assists in the build up to the crusade, as well as during the
Hold interviews and appearances in the morning or early afternoon, if the
evangelism meetings are in the evenings - preferably plan them all in the
mornings (11 am – 1 pm). Remember, the evangelist may only go to sleep at
midnight, so do not plan interviews for 7 am or 8 am. (only as an exception)
F. Live or Taped Footage of the Crusade
Get a professional Production Company to cover the crusade or use a city
ministry renowned for its professionalism.
Use multi-cameras during footage (at least three) - one on the evangelist,
one panning the crowd, one on the crowd reaction for close-ups.
Media Committee: depending on their influence and the nation, options
o Air live each night on regional / national / international television.
o Clips from each day shown on news and other daily shows.
o Committee may even buy this time to promote the crusade.
Those who were not able to attend the crusade receive complimentary tapes or
CD’s: video / audio.
G. Resource and Sales Tents
Sell daily messages in these tents / areas.
Other tapes, books, CD’s and videos sold at the crusade.
Make space available at crusade ground.
H.Daily coverage of the crusade
*The Committee needs to secure from the various media channel that will be
covering the daily events. This will help to spread the gospel and help to draw even
more people to the crusade.
I. Prepare Badges for Committee Participants
1. Pastor
2. Evangelism Committee
3. Counselor
4. Prayer
5. Usher
6. Helps
7. Security
8. Fundraising
9. Transportation
10. Hospitality
11. Media
12. Youth
12. Youth committee
The Chairperson of the Youth Committee must be a well respected Youth leader in
community, who has a working relationship with most youth groups and youth
organizations. They shall form a Youth Committee, comprising of various youth
leaders from around the city. They must appoint a Secretary.
• Organize a list of all of the above institutions, including all contact details
for correspondence purposes.
• Contact and book the Evangelist (Jarrod Davidoff) into as many of the above
as possible. If time does not permit include the Associate Evangelists of the
ministry (SAVE THE WORLD FOUNDATION) as possible.
• You may also include evangelists from your city and nation to participate in
this campaign. They must be nominated or endorsed by the YOUTH AND
EVANGELISM COMMITTEE. Their names and ministries must then be
approved by the main invited Evangelist (Jarrod Davidoff) or Save the
World Foundation. If they are not aware of the potential participating
evangelist then the Crusade Organizing Committee must approve their
• In institutions where it is absolutely forbidden and would cause major
conflict, then the Youth Committee can still promote the upcoming
CRUSADE along these lines
1. Share a motivating message at the assembly, about purpose and destiny
and for the last few minutes encourage the youth about how awesome and
dynamic the Crusade will be. Share with excitement who the awesome bands
will be, what famous personalities will be there share there story
(testimony) and how the Evangelist will share an awesome message that will
revolutionize their lives forever.
2. Take a dynamic, energetic, gifted band into every on of these outreaches.
3 .Hand a brochure or invitation pamphlet to everyone here includes their
teachers and staff.
• To co-ordinate every outreach to have a follow up team to be left at each
institution. This team is responsible for spiritual follow-up, nurturing and
ongoing discipleship. The Youth Committee must co-ordinate with the
Counseling and Follow-up Committee, which churches and youth groups will be
adopting which institutions. Churches and youth groups may adopt a few
institutions and share responsibility in a particular institution.
13. Mobilization Committee
The Chairperson for the mobilization of churches in the city or community must be
a well respected minister in the city and have a good, working relationship with
many to most of the other pastors and Christian leaders in the community.
-They must visit with pastors of churches throughout the community and share the
vision for the Campaign. They may give promotional material to each visited leader,
for viewing purposes, namely preaching samples of Jarrod Davidoff
-They must be in regular contact with all churches and use their influence,
especially with those that have not yet committed to being involved in the Campaign
-They must help promote unity for the crusade amongst all or as many participating
churches as possible.
-They must give a report at the Committee meetings regarding the participation of
churches within the city
Budget Breakdown
Transport – Airplane, car etc.
Evangelism Conference (Stadium, Convention
Centre, Hall, Open-air field)
1. The Evangelist and Team:
2. Musicians:
3. Venue Hire:
4. Sound system
Cost [email protected]____days
Tents (VIP/prayer/sales), chairs, toilet hire
9. Promotion
Press packages
Telephone calls
TV/Video coverage
10. Hospitality Tent – during event.
11. Leaders Pre-Banquet
12. Crusade Banquet
13. Follow-up material:
New converts (schools)
New converts (crusades)
Follow-up pamphlets
14. Personal detail forms – new converts
15. Crusade Dinner.
16. Security
17. Toiletts
The below form is a template for you as a list of crusades conducted during the
Campaign. The amount of evangelism teams that can mobilized for mini crusades,
will determine the scope and volume of crusades.
For example, here is a list of the various spheres of society in which outreaches
may be conducted as a build-up to the main crusade event. Each of the 20 listed
focus groups may be reached by specific teams.
1 Primary Schools
2 High / Secondary Schools
3. Colleges / Universities
4. Hospitals
5. Orphanages / Children’s Homes
6. Old age Homes
7. Prisons
8. Houses, flats / apartments, townhouses – street by street.
9. Shopping Centers
10. Taxi / Bus Ranks/ Train Stations
11. Parks
12. Sports Complexes
13. Prostitutes
14. Homeless / Street Children
15. Intellectual, Political and Business Communities
16. Theme Events – Christmas, Easter, National Public Holiday events
17. Drug Addicts, Alcoholics
18. Music, Arts and Entertainment Community
19. My Workplace
20. Media Outreach – Radio, TV, Magazines, Newspaper
Campaign List
Name of
No.people at