Download Virtual Labs: Class Set Building DNA, transcription, translation

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Virtual Labs:
Class Set
Building DNA, transcription, translation & extraction
Go through the steps outlined below to review genetic concepts learned in class.
1. First: Review and go
through each of the following mini-lessons and answer the questions below:
a) What is a Gene? b) What is a Protein? c) RNA’s role in the Central Dogma d) What is a
Answer the following questions in complete sentences:
1. Define a gene.
2. What is the function of hemoglobin?
3. What is the name of a mutation that happens to hemoglobin?
4. What is the name of the protein found in hair and nails?
5. List the different types of proteins and give an example of each and the function.
6. Write the name and function of each molecule involved in protein synthesis.
7. How are our traits determined?
8. How are our traits inherited?
2. Next: Build a DNA!
er”. (You can stop
after building a few segments)
3. Next: DNA Transcription and Translation & click “Click
Here To Begin”
. Once completed, you
will start the Translation step.
– AUG.
AUG. This will start the translation process.
You have successfully created a protein!”
Answer the following questions in complete sentences:
1. During transcription, RNA is developed from a strand of DNA. List the base pairs
used to make RNA.
2. What is the name of the DNA strand used in transcription?
3. Where does transcription occur?
4. Where does translation occur?
5. Name the RNA codon that is used to start translation.
6. Which three codons will stop translation and indicate the protein is complete?
7. After you have finished translating the RNA strand, list the amino acids that were
used in the virtual lab in the correct order.
8. How many different possibilities are there when translating RNA into amino acid