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Genetic Variation Within Populations Test (Study Guide)
January 2015
1. Explain what is meant by the term “gene pool”. Be sure to give an example.
2. Explain or give an example of microevolution and natural selection:
3. How does gene flow and genetic drift affect the frequency of alleles within a
4. Explain both types of sexual selection:
a. Intrasexual
b. Intersexual
5. What is meant when a population is said to be in “equilibrium” according to
Hardy-Weinburg? There are 5 components:
6. The isolation of species can lead to evolution. Explain each of the 4 types of
isolation with an example of each:
a. Reproductive
b. Behavioral
c. Geographic
d. Temporal
7. Microevolution is not based on random events but instead on the need to
survive and adapt to new environments. Explain each type of evolution
listed below and give an example.
a. Convergent
b. Divergent
c. Coevolution