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Course of Immunology
Marta Sobotková,Tomáš Milota, Radek Špíšek,
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
Course structure
● Lectures
- Presence in lectures is obligatory
- Lectures are held every Tuesday at 8:00-9:40
- Three absences are tolerated, more frequent
absences must be based on official certificate
and written thesis
7.10. 2014
Immune system, overview. Phagocytic cells, complement.
Communication between cells of immune systems, adhesion molecules, prof. Špíšek
14.10. 2014
Antigen processing and presentation, HLA I and II class.
prof. Šedivá
21.10. 2014
Specific (adaptive) immunity T and B lymphocytes
4.11. 2014
Immunity against infection
11.11. 2014
Immunodeficiency, vaccination
18.11. 2014
Immunity against tumors.
prof. Špíšek
25.11. 2014
Immunology of transplatation
dr. Kalina
2.12. 2014
Autoimmunity. Immunopathology.
dr. Kayserová
9.12. 2014
Immunopathological reactions, allergy
dr. Kayserová
16.12. 2014
dr. Podrazil
6.1. 2015
Clinical aspects of immune disorders
prof. Bartůňková
● Seminars
- The first seminar is compulsory; the time of
other seminars is devoted to self-studying,
preparation of seminar thesis and
consultations with teachers.
Seminar thesis
● groups of 1-2 students
● structure of thesis:
1000 – 2000 words
form of an essay
briefly & concisely & interestingly
Abstract, text and references (literature) are
obligatory, subchapters are recommended
●Term of submission: until 27.10.2013
- in the digital form
- has to be sent to: [email protected]
● Topics of the seminar thesis
Basic immunology
Regulatory T cells - function and subtypes
IL-17, its role in pathologic inflammatory process
Immune homeostasis in the gut.
Biology of NKT cells.
Use of monoclonal antibodies in treatment of tumours.
Modulation of the immune system by viruses.
Disorders of the immune system
Immunology of sepsis
Role of Toll-like receptors in autoimmune disease
Role of mast cells in the induction of allergic diseases
Periodic fevers- genetic background
Immunology of coeliac disease.
Genetic defects of Toll-like receptor signaling pathways
IRAK-4 and MyD88 deficiency- pathophysiology and clinical presentation
Specific and nonspecific immunotherapy of allergy (cellular immunotherapy, cytokines,
monoclonal antibodies )
The newest strategies of cancer immunotherapy.
Vitamins as regulators of the immune response
● Presentation
- each thesis will be presented verbally
- range: 8 minutes
- Powerpoint presentation (6-10 slides)
„Most of the patients are hemizygous for 22q11.2, some have
defects in various loci on chromosome 10, about 10% of cases
are familial (2, 3)„
Literature / References:
DRISCOLL DA, SALVIN J, SELLINGER B, et al. Prevalence of 22q11
microdeletions in DiGeorge and velocardiofacial syndromes: implications for
genetic counselling and prenatal diagnosis. J Med Genet 1993: 30: 813-7.
SEDIVA A, BARTUNKOVA J, ZACHOVA R, et al. Early development of
immunity in diGeorge syndrome. Med Sci Monit 2005: 11: 182-7.
Final appraisal
● Presence on lectures
● Seminar thesis:
fulfilled / not fulfilled
+ verbal appraisal (after presentation)
● Verbal examination:
2 out of 50 questions
Evaluation of the essay:
1/ Adherence to the length limits
2/ Correct content of the essay, no serious
3/ Satisfactory graphical layout and style of the essay
Other comments:
Evaluation of the verbal presentation:
1/ Adherence to the length limits
2/ Correct content of the essay, no serious
3/ Satisfactory graphical layout and style of the
● shedules
● presentations (download
● recommended literature, links
● contacts
Pubmed – Entrez
• Medline Plus
Google Scholar
Clinical sources on-line
• SumSearch
• E-medicine
• Up-to-Date
• Current Controlled Trials
• Orphanet