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MAY 2014
15-17 March 2018
Eradicate Cancer - Can advanced immunotherapy make it possible? The
conference title deliberately poses a provocative question and call to action.
Immunotherapy is rapidly emerging as the core medical platform for the
treatment of cancer and having unprecedented successes in the clinic. The
so-called Chimeric Antigen Receptor T cells (CAR-T) and checkpoint
blockade inhibitors, respectively, are the pillars to the immuno-oncology
The conference topics include:
- “Supercharging” a patient’s immune system by genetic engineering
- Empowering T cells with a cancer tracking “GPS”
- Creating “cancer smart” killer T cells
- Removing “natural hand brakes” on immune responses
- Evaluating strategies to rejuvenate and reconstruct the immune system of
cancer patients.
Come and share the platform with world leaders in the immuneoncology revolution. Abstracts welcome
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