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How many cells are there in
the human body?
How is a cell described in the
video? What does it look
Name at least 2 things that are
the same in a plant and animal
Does the cell membrane allow
stuff to pass in and out? How
does it work?
What is your fastest growing
organ and why?
What do genes have to do
with cells?
How many chromosomes do
you have and how do you get
How many cells are there in
an egg?
Why do they call red blood
cells “red”. Explain
What do white blood cells do?
What is osmosis?
What is unusual about nerve
If a Twinkie is made from
living and non-living material
why is it NOT considered to
be alive?
In other words, what defines
something as alive or not?
Name of the Cell Song.
Before the video
After the video