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Chapter 41:
Nervous System
Supplemental Instruction
Iowa State University
Biology 211
Emeka Kemdirim
1. Nervous System is the response to changes in internal and external environments. What
are the two categories the nervous system is broken into? Explain what each consists of.
2. Draw a picture of a Neuron and label relevant parts.
3. Name and describe the three classes of neurons.
Supplemental Instruction
1060 Hixson-Lied Student Success Center  294-6624 
4. Membrane potential
a. A cell’s resting potential is determined by differences between intracellular and
extracellular ion concentrations.
b. Draw an axon during resting
c. Draw an axon during an action potential
5. Action potential sequence
i. _________ potential- voltage gated ion channels shut
ii. Graded potential-
iv. Hyperpolarization-
v. Returns to resting potential
What will happen if Na+ ions are allowed to flow across the membrane?
What will happen if K+ ions are allowed to flow across the membrane?