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Endocrine System 3
Supplemental Instruction
Iowa State University
SI Session
Lauren R
AnS 214
Dr. Keating
1. The thyroid gland is comprised of two lateral lobes. These lobes are made of follicles
that produce _________________.
2. The precursor of thyroid hormone is __________________ made of thyroglobulin
and ________________.
3. A. There are two types of thyroid hormone. The active form is _________, which has
2 tyrosine molecules and is bound to 3 __________.
B. The second form is _________. It is the less active form of thyroid hormone. It is
made of 2 tyrosine molecules and bound to ________ Iodine molecules.
4. Name two things that thyroid hormone is responsible for.
5. Name the two ways TRH can overcome negative feedback.
6. Define:
7. What causes diabetes mellitus? Name three symptoms.
8. Alpha cells in the pancreas release _______________ when blood glucose is______
Beta cells in the pancreas release _______________ when blood glucose is _______.
9. Insulin can _________ blood glucose level, enhance membrane transport of glucose
to ________ and muscle cells, assist in ____________ development and learning, and
polymerize______________ to form glycogen.
1060 Hixson-Lied Student Success Center  515-294-6624  [email protected] 
Last week:
10. What are three factors that affect the effectiveness of a hormone?
11. What is the hypothalamic hormone that releases FSH and LH
12. What are the two hormones that are stored in the posterior pituitary?
13. What is a half-life?
14. What were the two classes of hormones?
15. Differentiate: Humoral, Neural and Hormonal stimuli.