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Rome Study Guide
I can describe the rise of the Roman Republic.
In the Roman Republic, who was a patrician?
wealthy landowning families
Why were plebeians unhappy when the Roman Republic was first set up?
They had no say in making the laws.
In the Roman Republic, who might have spoken these words? “I was elected to the group that holds
most of the power. I will keep this office all my life. I help make laws and serve as a judge.”
a senator
Why did the Plebeians want laws to be written down?
so the patricians could not change laws whenever they wished.
What was a result of the Conflict of the Orders?
Patricians gave up some power.
What change was created by the Twelve Tables? See the picture above!
Patricians had less power than before.
I can summarize the conflict bet ween Carthage and Rome.
During the Punic Wars in Romeʼs second period of expansion, who was Romeʼs main enemy?
a city-state in North Africa.
Which issue first led to war between Rome and Carthage?
control of trade in the Mediterranean
I can explain Rome’s transition form republic to empire.
What did Rome accomplish or conquer during the first period of expansion, before 264 BC?
take over the Italian peninsula
How did Octavian become Romeʼs first emperor, Caesar Augustus?
a. He was elected by the people.
The reign of Augustus began a long era of ____ that lasted about 200 years.
pax romana
I can summarize the effects of expansion on Rome.
How did Romeʼs expansion affect the plebeians?
The plebeians got more slaves.
I can analyze the culture of Rome and the Roman Empire.
What could a foreign visitor to Rome expect to see in the forum?
a central gathering place
What was a common way to become a Roman slave?
being captured in a war
Who would MOST likely eat the foods listed below?
mice cooked in honey; roasted parrots stuffed with dates; salted jellyfish; snails dipped in milk
at a wealthy Romanʼs dinner
Which of these teens might have been a student in ancient Rome?
slave girl training to be a midwife
Why was fighting a regular event in the Colosseum?
to entertain the audience
Why did thousands of Romans go to the Circus Maximus?
to watch chariot races