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Direct Marketing (new)
By the end of this course, participants will be able to:
• Find out how Direct Marketing can boost the organization's financial performance
• Discover where the potential pitfalls are, and gain the skills and techniques needed to
undertake any kind of direct marketing activity
• Understand the Direct Marketing strategy, campaign management and execution, creative
ingredients, using databases, and effectively using new and traditional media
• Understand how to develop a Direct Marketing strategy in accordance with the overall
organization strategy and sales activities
• Apply Campaign planning strategies and Direct Marketing on the internet
• What is Direct Marketing, why it is growing so fast, and where it fits into your company's
overall strategies
• What Direct Marketing can achieve within the marketing mix, and how it differs from
advertising, sales promotion and other marketing disciplines How Direct Marketing can be
used to make sales forces more cost-effective, encourage new customers to try (and buy
again), and build brand loyalty
• How Direct Marketing can introduce new products, handle complaints, keep customers
happy and deliver complex propositions to a selected audience
• Defining and setting Campaign planning, Forecasting, Costing and Budgeting
• Break-even calculations, when to expect a profit, and maximize direct marketing
• The Direct marketing media and the creative element
• The range of media you can use, and how to choose and evaluate the most suitable
considering the products you have and the audience you target
• How to use and benefit from the Consumer, industrial and business-to-business databases
• How to develop your own database, where to start, what data to collect and how to
organize and retrieve it effectively
• Testing stage:
• What we test, Why we test, and how to test
• Sample sizes and the laws of probability
• Reliability of results and test controls
• Telemarketing Outbound and inbound telephone marketing in both business and
consumer markets
Who Should Attend
• This interactive course is designed for professionals who have little or no experience of
direct marketing and need a broad-but thorough-understanding of what it is (and what it is
not), why it is growing, what it can achieve and how.
• None