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By: Valerie Jarrin
What is Marketing?
"Marketing and innovation are the two chief
functions of business. You get paid for
creating a customer, which is marketing. And
you get paid for creating a new dimension of
performance, which is innovation. Everything
else is a cost center." Peter Drucker
Marketing Strategies
There are only three marketing strategies
needed to grow a business: (1) Increase the
number of customers (2) Increase the
average transaction amount, and (3)
Increase the frequency of repurchase.
Every marketing strategy should be measured
by it’s ability to directly impact and improve
upon each of these three factors.
Increasing only one factor will produce linear
business growth. Increasing all three factors
will produce geometric business growth.
Advertising plan
Is an outline of what goals an advertising
campaign should achieve, how to accomplish
those goals, and how to determine whether
or not the campaign was successful in
obtaining those goals.
Six Steps to develop public relations
and media plan
Step 1: Define and write down
your objectives for your
publicity or media plan.
Step 2: Define your goals in
achieving this objective. It is
important that your goals be
specific, measurable, resultsoriented and time-bound. These
goals must be in-line with your
overall business, marketing,
and sales objectives.
Step 3: Determine who your
target audience consists of.
Who is it that you want to reach
with this campaign? What do
you want your key message to
Step 4: Develop a schedule for
your public relation campaigns.
Create synergy by coinciding
your public relations plan with
other marketing and sales
Step 5: Develop your plan of
attack. What communication
vehicles will you use to get your
message to the public?
Step 6: Put measures in place
to track the results of your PR
Campaign. After each
campaign sit down and review
the results. Did you achieve the
defined objectives and goals of
this campaign? Should you
consider modifying your original
plan? If so, how and why?