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Simmons National
Hispanic Consumer Study
Delivering the mindset of
the Hispanic consumer
Experian Marketing Services delivers the mindset of the Hispanic
consumer with the trusted Simmons National Hispanic Consumer
Study (NHCS). The high quality, nationally representative study
brings Hispanic consumer targets to life with vivid and complete
profiles, including lifestyles, attitudes, brand preferences, media
usage and more.
The first syndicated national
Hispanic study
The Simmons National Hispanic
Consumer Study is the first
syndicated national study launched
in the United States to provide
marketers with rich insights into
this influential, growing and multifaceted consumer segment.
Major advertising agencies, media
companies and advertisers rely
daily on the trusted Simmons
NHCS to drive advertising buys,
consumer product development
and media programming decisions
across the United States.
Over 60,000 consumer elements
The continuously fielded survey of
approximately 25,000 U.S. adults
annually, including over 7,500
English and Spanish speaking
Hispanics, is released quarterly
and measures over 60,000 data
elements, including:
• All major media, including
traditional and emerging digital
and mobile platforms
Over 1,000 distinct Englishand Spanish-language media
Unique insights on Hispanic
acculturation, nativity and
country of origin
Language usage and
preference, including attitudes
towards advertising and
messaging in Spanish
Over 600 consumer attitudes
and opinions, including
culturally-relevant measures
More than 500 product
categories and over consumer
8,000 brands
In-depth demographic and
lifestyle characteristics
MRC Accredited
The Simmons National Hispanic
Consumer Study uses a patented,
multi-frame sample design and is
accredited by the Media Rating
Experian Marketing Services
1271 Avenue of the Americas, 45th Floor
New York, NY 10020
T: 1 866 256 4468
Case Study:
Client issue—A blue-chip financial
services firm was interested in
capturing a greater share of the
Hispanic wallet outside of their
traditional banked services. The
client asked for a marketing
solution that would allow the
company to sell alternative
financial service products.
Experian Marketing Services
solution—The team at Experian
Marketing Services first defined the
strategy by defining the universe of
Hispanic banked and unbanked
consumers, and then profiling and
segmenting their financial services
usage, preferences, attitudes and
behaviors against general market
Stratification of the Hispanic
consumer data by demographic
and behavioral factors was
accompanied by an effort to
identify the key retail channels,
financial service products and
brands these segments and subsegments used for their
transactions. By uncovering
incidence rates of alternative
financial products usage at new or
alternative retail channels—such
as drugstores, gas stations,
convenience stores and discount
stores—the client was able to
design new product offerings to
address this high growth market.
Results delivered—By making it
possible to capture key behavioral
and usage trends among
Hispanics in the financial services
area, the Simmons National
Hispanic Consumer Study helped
the client strategically reposition
itself in the marketplace and
capture new revenue
To learn more about how we can
help your organization effectively
profile, plan and engage Hispanic
consumers, contact your local
Experian Marketing Services sales
representative or call 1 866 256
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Experian and the Experian marks used herein are service marks
or registered trademarks of Experian Information Solutions, Inc.
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