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Weekly insights:
measuring consumer
trends and ad performance
Advertisers, agencies and media companies need to
demonstrate that money spent on advertising drives
measurable results. Simmons DataStream is a syndicated,
online research tool designed to analyze time series data,
measure advertising effectiveness, track brand performance
and monitor consumer trends to provide marketers with the
information they need to make better decisions.
This industry-first syndicated research
service gives advertisers, agencies and
media companies the ability to costeffectively monitor the performance of
advertising and marketing campaigns
week-by-week via an intuitive Webbased delivery system. It also enables
brand performance tracking and
measurement of consumer trends for a
multitude of consumer segments, brand
targets and media properties without
the limitations inherent in the tools
previously available in the marketplace.
Simmons DataStream is the first
syndicated research service that
allows marketers to:
Enhanced advertising
effectiveness measurement
Simmons DataStream leverages the
trusted, high-quality syndicated data
from Experian Simmons to provide
the advertising community with the
ability to track consumer trends,
brand performance and advertising
accountability in a single service.
• A
dvertisers and agencies can
validate their ad spend by detecting
critical market movement, including
competing brands, as well as
changes in consumer trends in
relation to advertising and
marketing campaigns
easure advertising effectiveness
• M
and demonstrate accountability
• Track brand performance
onitor trends in consumer
• M
behaviors, attitudes and opinions
By providing single-source access to
extensive current market data, Simmons
DataStream provides specific benefits
to marketers:
• M
edia owners can demonstrate the
value of their brand in supporting
advertiser objectives and attract more
ad dollars to their media portfolio
Experian Simmons
1271 Avenue of the Americas
45 Floor
New York, NY 10020
T: 1 800 918 9064
Extensive consumer insight
delivered weekly
Simmons DataStream helps marketers
achieve results by providing weekly
tracking of nearly 60,000 consumer data
elements from the Simmons National
Consumer Study, including personal and
household variables.These variables
cover virtually every aspect of the
American consumer, including:
• A
utomated email alerts when
market conditions change
• D
ashboard view to monitor
critical data
No other single-source syndicated
or custom service offers weekly
market updates of the depth and
breadth contained in Simmons
• An extensive range of brands
• More than 1,000 media properties
• 600 consumer attitudes and opinions • I n-depth demographic and lifestyle
• Historical data dating back to 2008
Consumer insight when you need it
Simmons DataStream is accessible
24-7 through a convenient, online
application where marketers can
analyze trends that enable them to
create actionable marketing and
business strategies.
• I ntegrated dynamic reporting
and charting
About Experian Simmons
Experian Simmons delivers the mindset
of the American consumer. For 60 years,
leading marketers have depended on
Experian Simmons to provide trusted,
actionable insights about American
consumers. Our high-quality, syndicated
and custom research bring consumer
targets to life by providing vivid and
complete profiles of national, local and
multicultural populations with detailed
insights into their lifestyles, attitudes,
purchase behaviors and media use.
To find out more about Simmons
DataStream, contact your
local Experian Simmons sales
representative or call 1 800 918 9064.
The Voice of the American Consumer
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