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Ch. 14, 15 Direct Marketing and
Marketing on the Internet
Direct marketing is an interactive marketing communication
tool that uses one or more advertising media to affect a
measurable response and/or transaction at any location.
Direct marketing vs. Direct marketing media
Direct marketing - the total of activities by which
the seller directs efforts to a target audience using
one or more media to elicit a direct action
response (e.g., a purchase).
Direct marketing media
Direct Marketing Strategies and Media
Direct marketers generally pursue either a onestep approach or a two-step approach in
developing media strategies.
one-step approach
two-step approach
Evaluating the Effectiveness of the Direct
Marketing Program
In addition to some of the effectiveness
measures employed by other marketers, direct
marketers also employ a measure based on cost
per order (CPO).
Marketing on the Internet
What is Internet?
- A worldwide means of exchanging information and
communicating through a series of interconnected
 Features of the Internet
Web Objectives
One of the primary objectives of advertising on
the Internet is to generate sales directly. There
are some other objectives.
Audience Measurement on the Internet
Due to the infancy of Internet, it is still very hard to measure
Internet users. Here are a few information sources that are
available or soon will be:
 Nielsen Media Research and Commerce Net
 IntelliQuest
 PC-Meter
 Audit Bureau of Circulations
 Simmons Market Research Bureau
 Arbitron
Pros and Cons of Internet Advertising
As an advertising media, what do you think are the
advantages of Internet?
What are the potential limitations?