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PAP Evolution Test Review (MUST BE COMPLETED BEFORE THE TEST) Name:_________________________________
1. Describe some of the observations made by Charles Darwin on the Galapagos Islands.
2. Explain Lamark’s theory of Use and Disuse.
3. Define artificial selection and give an example. Define natural selection and give an example.
4. Know your vocabulary from this unit!!! (Gene pool, gene flow, genetic drift, fitness, adaptation, evolution, common
ancestry) Be able to give real life examples of these concepts.
5. What are vestigial structures? Give two examples. How do these structures give support to the modern theory of
6. Explain how DNA is used to explain evolutionary relationships. How is embryology?
7. Define homologous structures. Using a chart of homologous structures, what do the similarities in the lion limb and
bat wing indicate?
8. What are analogous structures? Give an example.
9. Explain why fossils of an extinct amphibian be found in South America, Africa, and Australia.
10. Know how to read a fossil record diagram. How are fossils evidence of evolution?
11. Define convergent evolution. Give an example. Define divergent evolution. Give an example
12. How does genetic diversity help the process of natural selection and aid the survival of a population?
13. Why might a species of finch have a slightly shorter beak than that of its ancestors’ beak?
14. Define reproductive isolation and give an example scenario.
15. What is the advantage for a fish or frog species that lays hundreds of eggs each time it reproduces compared to a
species which lays only a single egg?
16. Some plants produce a toxin or poison. What advantage does a plant gain by producing this poison?
17. Some insects take on the appearance of plants, how did this first occur? What is the advantage of this happening?
Describe what happens to size of the beaks during dry years. Why might this occur?
19. Draw the graph associated with each type of selection and explain what is happening in that population.
a. Stabilizing selection
b. Directional selection
c. Disruptive selection