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Find someone who can answer a question on your paper. Exchange papers. Have the other person
answer one question on your paper while you answer one question on his/her paper. Initial your
answer. (You can only answer one question per paper.) Go find someone else. Exchange papers again.
Continue until your paper is completed. Return to your seat & quietly review your paper and notes.
1. How old is the Earth?
2. What way of dating fossils and rocks gives a specific age?
3. What type of rock do fossils form in?
4. What is the difference between spontaneous generation and biogenesis?
5. Briefly, what were Charles Darwin’s four observations that led him to develop the theory of
evolution by natural selection?
6. List four of the five types of evidence for evolution that we studied.
7. Differentiate between homologous and analogous structures.
Which type of selection favors the average individual?
9. What type of evolution occurs when unrelated species that live in similar environments in
different parts of the world evolve similar traits? (desert plants, for example)