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Rocks Minerals, and Soil
Study Guide
1. Sedimentary and Metamorphic rocks are rock forms that could change into the other
type by melting.
2. Sedimentary rocks are formed from broken rock pieces which settle and are squeezed
together into layers.
3. Cleavage is a physical property of minerals in which planes of weak bonds in those
minerals where the minerals will break, leaving a smooth surface.
4. Humus is found on which layer of soil? Topsoil
5. Hardness is the measure of how easily a mineral can be scratched or indented.
6. A rock is a solid nonliving material that is made of one or more minerals.
7. What is an example of an igneous rock? Granite
8. Physical Property can be defined as a characteristic of an object that can be observed.
9. Quartz, gypsum, and talc are examples of minerals.
10. Igneous and Sedimentary rocks could be changed into another form by heat and
11. Mohs hardness scale goes from 1-10 (softest to hardest mineral)