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Rocks and Minerals
Stephanie McDonald
Janice Nardella
Discover How Rocks are Formed!
There are 3 types
of rocks:
How Igneous Rock Is Formed
Igneous Rock is formed
by the crystallization and
solidification of molten
magma. Magma forms
when rock is heated to
high temperatures
beneath the Earth's
How Sedimentary Rock Is Formed
Sedimentary Rocks are
formed in layers as the
result of moderate
pressure on
accumulated sediments.
How Metamorphic Rock is
Metamorphic rocks are rocks
that have "morphed" into
another kind of rock. These
rocks were once igneous or
sedimentary rocks. The rocks
are under tons and tons of
pressure, which fosters heat
build up, and this causes them
to change.
From what type of metamorphic rock did
Michelangelo carve his most famous
statues, such as “la Pieta” and “David”?
Marble – Cabrera marble
What is the difference
between rocks and minerals?
Rocks are made up of one or more minerals.
Minerals are homogeneous, naturally occurring,
inorganic solids. Each mineral has a definite
chemical composition and a characteristic
crystalline structure. A mineral may be a single
element such as copper (Cu) or gold (Au), or it
may be a compound made up of a number of
What is the single most common
mineral in the earths crust?
QUARTZ is undoubtedly the single most common
mineral in the Earth's crust.
Some estimates place quartz at 21% of the Earth's
total lithosphere.
What is the name of the scale that
measures the hardness of
Mohs Hardness scale
A measurement that was devised by Austrian
scientist Fredrick Mohs to determine the hardness of
a mineral.
The hope diamond is what color(s) &
what causes it to be that color(s)?
The Hope diamond
phosphoresces a
strong red color,
which will last for
several seconds after
exposure to short
wave ultra-violet light.
The diamond's blue
coloration is
attributed to trace
amounts of boron in
the stone.
What does it mean if a
mineral is isometric?
Any mineral that falls under the following
specifications belongs to the isometric crystal
system: Three axes, all of them are equal in
length and lie at 90° from the other.
The End