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1. Rocks that are produced when magma or lava cools and hardens are called
2. Which statement applies to minerals?
More than 4,000 have been identified.
You can find them in your salt shaker.
Each has a unique arrangement of atoms.
3. Which properties are NOT commonly used to identify minerals?
4. Rocks are foliated or nonfoliated depending on their _____________________.
5. The word metamorphic means "______________".
6. Broken pieces of what types of rock are deposited into layers and
cemented together to form sedimentary rock?
7. Which can occur in the rock cycle?
8. The size of mineral crystals in igneous rocks __________________.
9. The rock cycle shows each rock ___________________.
10. Which statement best describes how rocks are classified as igneous,
sedimentary, or metamorphic?
11. a model that shows how rocks are recycled from one type to another –
12. a mineral that contains something that can be useful and sold after
processing13. a naturally occurring, inorganic solid with a definite structure and
composition14. classified as igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic15. a rare mineral that can be cut and polished, giving it a beautiful
appearance16. remains or trace of a once-living plant or animal17. rocks that form when magma or lava cools18. rocks formed when older rocks are heated and/or squeezed19. rocks formed when pieces of rocks, plant and animal matter, or dissolved
minerals gather into layers20. solid that has a repeating pattern of atoms-