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What are rocks
made of?
Minerals are
not made by
people; they
are …
…naturally occurring
Name four properties (or
clues) that scientists use
to identify minerals.
Color, luster, streak,
and hardness
Which property means
the way the light bounces
off the mineral?
What words can be
used to describe a
mineral’s luster?
Glassy, dull,
shiny, greasy
Why is color not a good property to
use to identify a mineral?
Many minerals have
the same color.
What are three testers that
can be used to determine a
mineral’s hardness?
fingernail, penny, nail
What type of rock is formed when
magma cools and hardens?
What type of rock is formed
when change occurs from heat
and pressure in the Earth?
What type of rock is formed when
weathering and erosion cause
sediments to press together in
Melted rock below
the Earth’s surface
is called…
Small bits and pieces
of rocks are called…
The breaking down
and wearing away of
rocks is called…
The movement of
sediments from one place
to another is called…
What is any trace,
mark, or remains of
an organism called?
How old must a fossil be?
What kind of rock
are fossils usually
preserved in?
They study
Why do
them to
learn about
study fossils? extinct
plants and