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Rocks and Minerals!! Presentation
For this project, you will be researching a Rocks or Mineral that you have decided to
research this semester.
Using discovery education, books, internet sites and other resources, you will be making
a PowerPoint or Prezi presentation that you will be showing the class. It will need to
include the following parts:
For each slide, you will cover at least one topic about your rock or mineral. You will also
need at least one picture to illustrate each of the topics on your slides.
It is ok to have your information in point form!! Actually, I would prefer it!! That way I
know you didn’t copy your information straight from your source.
1. General Info—Where is your rock found? How was it discovered? What makes it
unique compared to other Rocks and Minerals?
2.Eptmology—What is the origin of the name of your element? Where does the root of
the word come from? Does it even HAVE a origin or root? What is the history around the
naming of your element?
3. Characteristics and Properties—What are the properties of your rock or mineral?
Hardness? Lustre? Is it magnetic? How does it look, act, etc. What is it used in? What is
it good for? What properties make it useful for certain things? The more detail the better
4. Uses—What are some of the uses for your rock or mineral? Where is it used in the
world around us? In machines? Food? The Earth? Remember, don’t just tell me what the
use is, explain it in detail!!
5. Explain what tools, techniques or methods are needed in order to examine or work
with your rock or mineral. This will probably require the most research and be the most
challenging portion of your assignment—try your very best to be complete with your
6.. Bibliography—You need to include the name and author of any books that you use, as
well as the name and website addresses of any websites you use. Don’t just put down
“google”—that doesn’t tell me anything about where you got your information from!!
7. Extra—Include any neat or interesting information that will make your presentation
even better!!
You can have more than one slide per topic. (In fact, I almost guarantee you will need
to have multiple slides for ALL the topics!!)
How you decide to design, display and animate your presentation is up to you. Be
creative, because the better your presentation, the higher your mark!!
Remember, Mr. A has the rubric that will be used for marking. Have a look at it so that
you know your doing things right!!
Good Luck!!
Mr. Abdolall