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Study Guide for Rocks and Minerals Test
Vocabulary – Use the cards made during lab rotation and make additional ones if needed
Streak, Hardness, Igneous, Deposition, Weathering, Sedimentary Rock, Metamorphic Rock,
Rock Cycle
What are Minerals?
 Natural Substances
Chemical Make Up
Building Blocks of all Rocks
Mineral Properties Color
 Streak – Color of the powdered mineral that may be observed when the mineral is rubbed
against a streak plate
 Hardness
 Luster – how a mineral appears to reflect light
What are Rocks?
 Nonliving
Made up of Minerals
3 Types of Rocks:
Igneous – Cools and Hardens
Sedimentary – Cementing and Compacting
Metamorphic - High Heat and High Pressure
Weathering is the breaking down of materials into smaller pieces
Caused by water, wind, ice, chemicals
Erosion is transporting weathered rocks from one place to another
Rock Cycle is the continuous changing of rocks – Review Handout from Class