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Dear Family Member,
Your student’s science class will soon begin studying the unit entitled “Minerals and Rocks.”
Our study of this unit focuses on the big idea and essential questions listed below.
Unit 3: Minerals and Rocks
Big Idea Minerals and rocks are basic building blocks of Earth and can change over time
from one type of mineral or rock to another.
Essential Questions
What are minerals, how do they form, and how can they be identified?
What is the rock cycle?
How do rocks form?
To stay up to date with our progress, ask often about what’s happening in science class.
One activity you can do together appears at the beginning of each unit
in your student’s science book. Look for the Take It Home feature
about the environmental impact of mining at the beginning of Unit 3.
Thank you for your time and interest. Your participation in your student’s education is a
sure way to encourage learning!
Mrs. Authement