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Planet Earth: Mineral Identification – Properties and Tests
1. What are the two most abundant non-metallic elements in the earth’s crust?
______________________, ______________________
2. What are the two most abundant metallic elements in the earth’s crust?
______________________, ______________________
3. Define luster.
B) Is this a subjective or objective characteristic? Explain.
4. Explain the difference between cleavage and fracture. Give examples for each.
5. Why is the streak test more reliable than the colour identification? Explain.
6. Give two examples of each of the six crystal systems:
A) _____________________: ____________________, _________________
B) _____________________: ____________________, _________________
C) _____________________: ____________________, _________________
D) _____________________: ____________________, _________________
E) _____________________: ____________________, _________________
F) _____________________: ____________________, _________________
7. What are some objects that you could carry with into the field to determine the
relative hardness of rocks found? Give the object and approximate hardness value.
A) _____________________: equivalent value: ______
B) _____________________: equivalent value: ______
C) _____________________: equivalent value: ______
D) _____________________: equivalent value: ______
E) _____________________: equivalent value: ______
8. What minerals can be tested by using HCl acid? Why?
B) Define effervescence.
9. What type of rocks/ minerals would you use the flame test for? Give an example.