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Win-based marketing
Tools that marketing could deliver in support of major bids
24 May 2017
© The Marketing Practice 2008
Supporting sales to convert prospects
Examples in this presentation range from tools to support the specific bid
presentation for a single deal, through to awareness activities created
around a proposition that could be used to influence the decision-making
body in any bid involving that proposition
Different ideas would be appropriate for different stages of the sales
process – typically The Marketing Practice works with the bid team (after
setting budgets and expectations with the client marketing team) to agree
the right plan
As well as this ad-hoc support work, we have also created more formal
programmes/packs that can be built up-front and rolled out as needed
© The Marketing Practice 2008
Potential organising principle for activities
This example is based
on account-based
marketing process
Activities can also be
organised by stage in
the sales process
© The Marketing Practice 2008
Examples 1
Personalised online landing pages holding key supporting information (case studies, thought
leadership, client videos…)
Sharper RFP/bid presentation material
From better written and illustrated documentation, through to more visual presentation materials to
complement written and technical detail
This is really about getting the basics right – but only works when the design/copy support really
understands the proposition/process
Current affairs/newsworthy
For IT Outsourcing bids, we’ve created versions offering different levels of information to different
audiences, so in the final bid stages the whole IT Department of the target company was able to see the
video testimonials from other people who had joined the client through outsourcing
This kind of approach can host a lot of the information/resources discussed in the rest of the ideas
Newspaper/magazine look-alike mailing piece(variable length from just the cover to multi-page)
Articles, case studies, advertising, news and thought leadership
Ideal for communicating with a wider group of influencers around key decision makers; can offer differing
levels of personalisation – from simply linked to the proposition to personalised to the specific bid
Live reference event
Promote a group reference visit to a client
These can be booked in advance throughout the year, and multiple prospects invited to each one, avoiding
excessive ad-hoc requests to key clients
Reference events are always a winning formula, reference events are seldom organised and create a
strong client draw
© The Marketing Practice 2008
Examples 2
Together in partnership book
Single customer briefing
Organised like an external event, with same care and attention to detail, but single company invitation list,
delivered on their premises or a hotel in close proximity
Tackles issue head on; ‘come to a 90 minute briefing, hear from our experts (or external speaker) on best
practice and how to deliver the dream’
Again, we’ve run these for clients very successfully. Shows great commitment to the audience and
credibility in the subject matter
A Day in the Life
Account specific marketing collateral, personalised, visual, shows strong service ethos
The Marketing Practice creates these for our own clients – high impact and memorable. Could be a
differentiator for all major bids
A set of paper &/or electronic boards which tell the customer life cycle story; using pictures and few words
Use-case examples that show the vision, its benefits and lead in to how to deliver on this
Bespoke bid support tools that offer an alternative edge to standard presentation bid formats
Branded meetings
Create a set of posters on foam boards and A3 solution maps that can be used in all meetings to ‘dress’ the
Your best and most relevant client stories would be ideal
Client meetings have a new vibe as the client is part of an experience, where they can see and feel your
expertise in an unusual and unexpected way
Potentially low cost, high impact change to client engagements
© The Marketing Practice 2008
Examples 3
Future case study
Future Economist (or other industry publication)
Create a case study of the client organisation 12 months from starting the project
Talk about the positive change that has taken place, the benefits of the partnership and the
efficient and professional process by which the change has been managed
The Marketing Practice has used a similar technique for a broader market campaign, with
great success, would work on a 1-2-1 basis
Bespoke cover wrap of the economist including authoritive article
High impact and memorable
Video or Drive guide
Video or CD format (audio great for busy execs in the car) with case studies and thought
leadership content
Packaged for client, addressing their specific issues
CD lower cost and potentially higher usage. We have used personalised audio content
delivery very effectively for demand generation and awareness building
© The Marketing Practice 2008