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Corporate Profile
Excess Credit
The X - Factor
Strives to source for or
develop unique ideas
to help companies
stand out
Company A = 1 unit of work
Company B = 1 unit of work
2 Companies = 3 units
The eXtra unit = Synergy
TCRM Cycle
Seamless coordination
in all departments
Marketing :
Reduce Costs, Get More Leads
Segment target customers
Personalize Text messages
Cost-effective mass email/fax
Marketing :
Reduce Costs, Get More Leads
SingTel eSMS Solution
Marketing :
Sales :
Save Time, Close More Sales
Data Entry/Updating
Sales :
Save Time, Close More Sales
Share successful
sales strategies
Forecast sales
Sales :
Save Time, Close More Sales
Access through web, remote,
Palm Eg Street Directory
Customer Service :
Improve Customer Loyalty
•DMG Service Audit
•Training Programs
Customer Service :
Improve Customer Loyalty
•Track, assign, resolve issues
•Share information in Knowledge Base
•Flexibility: Customization – Eg Challenger
•Control: Administrator
•Power: eCRM Portals
TCRM Value – Added Services
- Training
- Data Migration
- Customization
- Provision of Telemarketing/Data Entry
Staff Trained in CRM
CRM - Marketing
“Maximizer Enterprise enables us to cost-effectively
build, execute and track targeted direct mail and
email marketing campaigns with different messages
for different groups of clients and prospects.”
“We rely on this tool to help us reach audiences
quickly with market relevant communications ultimately cultivating strong relationships to grow our
- Elen Alexov, Direct Marketing
Manager, Ipsos-Reid North America
CRM - Sales
The world’s fastest growing computer
company understands its customers’
needs so well that it can sell them
products directly over the phone or
Internet and bypass Retailers.
PC system ordered from Dell will
arrive at customer’s doorstep in as
few as 5 days, at a cost 10 to 20%
lower than that of retail chains.
CRM – Customer Service
Targets different card members with offers
geared specifically to individual buying
habits, then teams with a merchant to
surprise them with rewards in appreciation
for their patronage.
Customer : VIP
Restaurant : Le Chateau Orchard
Loyalty Privilege : Merlot Vintage,1995 FOC
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•Pricing <internal>