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Collaborative Findings for
Final Meeting 26th March 2010, York
Group 2
Summary of key findings
Sharing and validation of contact information
Perceive added value
Understanding current processes
Scope of CRM: student, finance etc.
Systems integration
Marketing initiatives
Sharing and validation
of information
Sharing Information
o Cultural Barriers
o Lack of trust & understanding
o Creating secure environment
o Strategic commitment
Validity of Information
CRM is only as good as the information it holds
o Clear "ownership" of data - or "someone else’s job" ?
o Agreed processes are important
Perceived Added Value
Clear benefit to each stakeholder group before initial
buy-in to CRM
o Senior team (management)
o Operational staff (academics and business
However, added value of CRM needs to be long-term
o linked to validity of data - if the system doesn't
provide value to its users then what is its purpose?
o Once users are disengaged from a system then it
is hard to re-engage them!
o Processes are important
Understanding Processes
What is a Business Process?
Why do Business process modeling?
Shared understanding
Identifying Interfaces
Foundation for system sec
Scope of CRM
• Enrolment & fees
• Alumni
• Track bids, project awards and research grants
• Enterprise bidding process
• Management of funds
•Centralised vs. Localised activities
Systems integration
• Full or partial integration
• Cost v Benefit
• Industry practice
• Walk before you can run
Marketing initiatives
•Market intelligence
•Policies and procedures
•Inter and intra institution communication, relationship
and trust
•Infrastructure & support
Summary of Stakeholder
Consistent Processes
 Liaising role responsible for the data (BDO)
 Consolidated system
 Data integrity
CRM – People and Processes
Strategic Leadership
Clear Communication
Cultural Change
Define Process
Manage Expectations