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World Bank – GEF Program:
Latin America and the Caribbean Region
Quick Overview of the World Bank GEF
program in the Caribbean
Havana, Cuba
July 8, 2008
World Bank - GEF Program:
the Caribbean portfolio
World Bank - GEF Program in the Caribbean
as of June 2008
Number of
GEF Grant Amount
World Bank - GEF Program:
the Caribbean portfolio
 Active
Mainstreaming Adaptation to Climate Change (MACC)
Implementation of Adaptation Measures in Coastal
Guyana Conservancy Adaptation Project
OECS Protected Areas and Associated Livelihood
Mainstreaming Adapt to Climate Change (MACC)
MACC approved in April 2003 with $5m GEF grant and $5.95m cofinancing;
The objective is to facilitate the creation of an enabling environment for
climate change adaptation in CARICOM small island and coastal
developing states
Major lessons learned: changing implementing agency mid-stream is
awfully difficult; the alternative, however, was not workable
Perhaps most interesting aspect is the initial findings of vulnerability
Implementation of Adaptation Measures in
Coastal Zones
Approved September 2006; $2.1m GEF grant and $3.34 m cofinancing
The objective is to support efforts by Dominica, Saint Lucia and St.
Vincent and the Grenadines to implement specific (integrated) pilot
adaptation measures addressing primarily, the impacts of climate
change on their natural resource base, focused on biodiversity and
land degradation along coastal and near-coastal areas.
Slower implementation progress than originally expected; downside of
working regionally; upside is that there are good exchanges of
experience, economies of scale
Lessons Learned
Guyana Conservancy Adaptation Project
First SCCF project approved (October 2007) with $3.8 million GEF
grant and $16.2 million co-financing.
The objective is to reduce the vulnerability of catastrophic flooding in
Guyana's low-lying coastal area that is currently threatened by sea
level rise resulting from global climate change.
Project works closely with Guyana Conservancy and IDB to inform
high-tech engineering studies—it is a classic adaptation project
OECS Protected Areas and Associated Livelihood Project
Approved in May 2004 ; $3.7m GEF grant and $3.87m co-financing
The objective is to contribute to the conservation of biodiversity of
global importance in the OECS by removing barriers to the effective
management of protected areas, and increasing the involvement of
civil society and the private sector in the planning, management and
sustainable use of these areas.
The MTR provided key recommendations to strengthen the project
implementation, including:
Let’s not let the perfect get in the way of the very good:
Endorsement of Management Plans leading to needed immediate
Revision of operational manual to permit subproject implementation
under a new more realistic set of guidelines; and
Expansion of training in PA Management
Future Prospects
IBRD lending program in region is small; limited opportunity to
blend. Need to seize opportunities (IDA in Haiti, energy in
Dominican Republic, agriculture/rural in Jamaica; sustainable
tourism/ financing of natural resource base in OECS
Partnerships with other organizations is critical to maximize
investments and impact
To obtain economies of scale and maximize impacts, will likely need
to work on regional basis;
World Bank strategy on climate change gives strong support for
SIDS—can we work together on adaptation, renewables?