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Mitosis in Cancerous vs. non Cancerous Cells
Mitosis is the process in which a cell separates
the chromosomes into two identical sets but to
different nuclei.
Only occurs in eukaryotic cells and the process
of mitosis varies between different species
Mitosis in Cancer Cells
Cancer is the mutation of a cell
Cancer cells multiply really fast and
start to pile up
The cancer is a tumor
It can spread throughout the body and
cause more tumors
•A new born baby has around a billion cells. Her weight will
double in about two months because she will have twice as
many cells
• Cancer cells are “immortal”. Regular cells divide 50 times and
then die but cancer cells can go on indefinitely.
• Insulin stimulates cell growth. Cancer cells have six to ten
times more insulin receptors than normal cells. Studies show
that high insulin levels correlate with higher risks of developing
cancer and lower rates of survival amongst cancer patients
•Cancer cells are more vulnerable to unusually high body
temperatures (fevers) than normal cells.