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The History of Sports and
Entertainment Marketing
Connection-All types of venues provide us,
the consumer, with a type of excitement or
thrill that we seek from our everyday lives
• What’s the last venue you went to?
• What was it for?
History of Leisure
Development of Sports and
Entertainment Marketing
Marketing Today
Marketing Price Similarities of
Sports and Entertainment
Comparing the 4p’s of Marketing
Marketing Mix Component
Traditional Consumer
Entertainment Product
Sports Entertainment
Light Bulb
Baseball Game
Who is my customer?
Someone in the dark
who needs a light bulb
Someone who wants to
be entertained by a
Someone who wants to
be entertained by
Where will I sell the
In a local hardware
store, grocery store, or
In local theaters,
stores. Online, though
pay-per-view TV, or
cable/satellite TV
At local stadiums, in
sports bars, online,
through pay-per-view
TV/satellite TV
Ho do I compete for
Price better for quality
than the competition and
increase sales
Consumer choice to
buy a movie ticket is
not base on price. Is
largely set and based
on what theaters can
charge and what
people will pay
Consumers choice to
buy a baseball ticket is
not based on price.
Price is set and based
on what sports teams
can charge and on
what people will pay
How do I inform
Advertising in print and
on TV, and having instore promotions
Great Web site; in
theater and TV
previews; stars on late
night TV/talk shows in
magazines and books
and lunch boxes and
billboards; action
figures and collectibles
Games on TV selling
jerseys; giving away
prizes at games; family
days at the stadium;
talk radio; ads; sports
shows high profile
players on TV, in
magazines and on
billboards, bobble head
dolls, trading cards
Marketing Place Similarities of
Sports and Entertainment
Marketing Place Similarities of
Sports and Entertainment
Marketing Price Similarities of
Sports and Entertainment
Price Problems
Marketing Promotion Similarities of
Sports and Entertainment
Convergence of the marketing mix?
Risk Insurance Coverage
If you were planning a rock concert, what would you insure
Illness or Bodily
Property Damage
Loss or Damage
Event Cancellation
Actors/ Performers
Studios/ Theaters
Movie/TV Production
Athletic Training
Pro and Amateur
Sports Teams
Sporting Events
Spectators/ Audience
Concert Halls
The Differences in marketing
Sports and Entertainment
What are the 2 key differences in
Differences in Products
Differences in Revenue
Differences in Revenue
Sponsorships vs. Endorsements
Advertising and Broadcast Rights
-30pts for all late assignments
• Key Terms
– P. 28, P. 32, P. 39
• Quick Check
– P. 31, P. 38 & P. 42
• Work Sheet 2.2 (in textbook)
– P. 44