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Sports Marketing / Brand Ambassador /
Launch Local, Inc
1282 Trumbull Ave, Girard Ohio 44420
Application Deadline: Nov 30th 2015
Positions Available: 7
Launch Local, Inc. is a results-driven provider of promotional services that meet the demands of
the modern marketplace. Through our no-cost advertising solutions, we represent top sports and
entertainment venues ranging from major-league sports to distinguished hotels and resorts as
well as exciting consumer products. Our mission is to build brand awareness for these clients to
ensure their expansion while supporting community job creation and the growth of our local
economy. In this way, everyone wins!
Launch Local represents top entertainment venues such as Major League Sports, Award Winning
Restaurants, High End Day Spas, the best in local Golf Courses as well as distinguished Hotels,
Resorts, Casinos, and Amusement Parks both locally and nationally.
We expect all applicants to have a student mentality, be goal oriented, self motivated; have high
energy, and an outgoing personality.
* Assist in increasing new forms of revenue for client
* Assist in developing effective marketing/advertising campaigns
* Tracking and analyzing targeted business districts that would benefit from the client’s services
* Managing inventory, money and organizing customer data
Students should expect to learn direct marketing, advertising, crew development, business
management skills, and sales techniques.
* Learn to represent professional sports teams within our region (Pittsburgh Pirates, etc.) in a
professional manner
* Help generate new customers for clients by providing service information and special
* Learn to work in a team environment with other advertising/marketing professionals
* Gain hands on experience doing promotional marketing/advertising
* Collecting customer data for client’s database
* Marketing or Advertising/Public Relations major/minor
* Excellent written, verbal and listening communication skills
* Professional dress and image is required at all times
* Must be team oriented as well as self-motivated to be able to work with little supervision
* Creative, dependable, detail-oriented and great follow-through skills
Skills Required - Sports, Hospitality Management, Customer Acquisition, Entertainment,
Public Relations