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Happy Tuesday!!
 Pick up a textbook and write your name (FIRST
AND LAST) on the inside cover
3 Worlds Meet
In 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean
• Christopher Columbus: Italian, sailed for Spain seeking a
water route to Asia
– Sailed west across the Atlantic Ocean
– Nina, Pinta, Santa Maria
• Didn’t find Asia…BUT started the process of interaction
between Europe, Africa and the Americas
• Met Taino Native Americans on San Salvador and called
them “Indians”
Motives for Exploration
 God- Missionaries
 Gold- fortunes
 Glory-make a name for themselves and their
 Gadgets
 Increased population
 Renaissance
 Growth of commerce
Impact on Native Americans
• Colonization- the establishment of distant settlements
controlled by the parent country
• Military forced used to control native populations
• Plantation system used with forced labor
– Native American resistance- armed defense of land and
• Disease took its toll on native populations
– Had no immunity
– Measles, mumps, chicken pox, smallpox, typhus, influenza
• Different views on land use
The Slave Trade
 Disease killed Native Americans- not a stable work
 African slavery- alternative for labor
 In high demand
Already resistant to European diseases
 Trans-Atlantic Slave trade
 Middle Passage
 12 million people taken from Africa by early 1800s
Stop and Think!
 How were slaves captured and transported to the
Impact on Europeans
 Colonization benefitted many types of people:
 Merchants- make money
 Monarchs- increase power and influence
 Common people- new place to settle and work
Columbian Exchange
 Movement of new plants and animals across the
Atlantic between the Americas, Europe and Africa
 New to Europe and Africa: tobaccos, corn, tomatoes,
potatoes, squash, peanuts, pumpkins, peppers, turkeys
 New to Americas: diseases, cattle, sheep, pig, chickens,
horses, wheat, rice, sugar, coffee
European Rivalries
 Portugal v. Spain- led to…
 Treaty of Tordesillas (1494)- divided Western
 East of line (Brazil)- Portugal
 West of line (rest of the Americas)- Spain
 Ignored by the English, French and Dutch
Started colonizing anyways
Spanish Claim a New Empire
 Conquistadors- Spanish explorers and conquerors who
took over parts of the Americas for Spain
 Cortez- Conquered the Aztecs
 Pizzaro- conquered the Inca
 Ponce de Leon- Florida
 Coronado- American southwest
Spanish Empire
 Many Spanish men married Native women= mestizo
culture- mixed Spanish and Native American
 Encomienda system- Spanish forced native
populations to work on farms, ranches and in mines
for Spanish lordships- eventually abolished
Stop and Think
 Why were the natives so resistant to the Europeans?