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NAME: __Samantha Cohen__
Spanish Conquests in the Americas
What was the significance of Columbus’s voyages?
Began the process of colonization of the Americas
Magellan himself died in the Philippines. What was the importance of the
voyage his crew completed?
First to circumnavigate (sail around the world)
What factors helped the Spanish defeat the Aztec?
Superior weapons, aid of the natives, European diseases they were not
immune to.
How did the Spanish treat the peoples they conquered?
Exploited them, intermarried, imposed their culture on them, enslaved
What was unique about the Spanish colonization of the lands of New Mexico?
Settled by priests and colonized by priests.
What was the long-term consequence of the encomienda system?
Replacement of Native American labor with African forced labor.
Enslavement of Africans.
Peninsulares (people born in Spain or Portugal)
Creoles (people born in American with parents from Spain or Portugal)
Mestizo: ½ European, ½ Native, American Indian
Mulatto: ½ European, ½ African
Native American and Africans