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Ch 3: An Age of Exploration and Isolation, 1400-1800
Section 1: Europeans Explore the East
- Explain what led to European exploration
- Describe the steps in Portugal’s discovery of a sea route to Asia
- Explain the rivalry between Spain and Portugal and how the pope
resolved it
- Identify the nations that set up trading empires in eastern Asia
Ch 4: The Atlantic World
Section 1: Spain Builds an American Empire
- Describe the voyages of Columbus and his contemporaries.
- Describe the Spanish conquests of the Aztecs and the Inca.
- Identify the effects of Spanish colonization on the Americas.
- Trace the level of resistance to Spanish rule by indigenous people.
Section 2: European Nations Settle North America
- Summarize competing claims in north America
- Identify English colonial activities in North America.
- Describe the Native American response to land claims made by
Section 3: The Atlantic Slave Trade
- Identify the causes of African slavery.
- Trace the spread of slavery throughout the Americas
- Explain the triangular trade
- Describe the life of enslaved Africans in the colonies
- Identify the consequences of the Atlantic slave trad3
Section 4: The Columbian Exchange and Global Trade
- Explain the Columbian Exchange.
- Identify factors that led to the development of global trade
- Describe the effects of new economic policies on European society.